IT Division

Our parent company is handles MEP contracting work in the United Arab Emirates. Routinely executing projects that are in the million dirham range, our parent company itself is a large scale user of our software. We grew out of developing software for our parent company into developing software that would fill the void for affordable, yet comprehensive ERP systems in developing countries. At the moment, our software runs across thousands of outlets of a supermarket chain providing central and regional reporting and control points, highly asynchronous operation and extremely high value for the features on offer. We also handle NBFCs (non banking finance company) with hundreds of branches with the same level of command and control capabilities. These major clients have proven the capabilities of our software and we are on the verge of exploding onto the scene in a major way, with rapid expansion into the GCC area in the near future.

Turner & Miller Technologies is primarily involved in the development and testing of customized deployments of our flagship GRC software, IKWIGO .

Software Development

TMT continiously strives to provide business effecient software products. With rapidly changing business environment and technology...[read more]