Our Vision

To build up an enterprise providing GRC SW Solutions, which will help and assist all other enterprises to Plan, Monitor & Control their resources in a more prudent way, thereby ensuring that the client Enterprises

  • . Remain profitable.
  • . Clearly know what is going on within the organization.
  • . Stakeholders don’t become corrupt due to temptations created by loop holes and breaches in the System within the organization.
  • . Bring down wastages in all kind of resources, which will contribute for better sustainability on Planet Earth.

  • Our Business Mission

    Build GRC software solutions which will stand solely for the enterprise and statutory requirements. This will in turn help us to achieve two milestones.

  • .Turnover of INR12 Billion per annum by 2018.
  • .1 Million Subscriptions per month by 2020.

  • Our Spiritual Mission

    All our earnings shall be the by-product of our customers’ happiness. We will never chase money, but the solutions we provide will make our customers part with their money happily - The way flowers are happy to part with the honey in them to Honey Bees.

    Our Achievement Mission

    TMT will strive to be known all over the world
  • . For the quality of work
  • . For changing the way businesses were run
  • . For changing the way companies spend and earn
  • . For changing the way how enterprises are able to plan, monitor and control their resources
  • . For changing the way different domains are integrated
  • . For changing the way solutions are conceived and built
  • . For changing the way similar solutions are priced and offered
  • . For the way TMT is providing value for the money their customers have paid
  • . For building up a WIN-WIN or NO DEAL enterprise, which benefits all its stakeholders in the long run